Introduction to the concept of Hybrid Threats

Georgios Giannopoulos (Scientific Officer, European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre) will be speaking at the EE-ISAC Expert Seminar on 7 September. He will provide us with an introduction to the concept of Hybrid Threats.

Hybrid Threats

Hybrid Threats can be defined as a mixture of coercive and subversive activities, conventional and unconventional methods (i.e. diplomatic, military, economic, technological), which can be used in a coordinated manner by state or non-state actors to achieve specific objectives while remaining below the threshold of formally declared warfare. Hybrid Threats also are a hot issue within the EU and critical infrastructures (including energy) have a central role in this field.

Framework for Industrial and Automation Control Systems

Furthermore, the work that the DG Joint Research Centre (JRC) is conducting towards a certification framework for Industrial and Automation Control Systems will be presented. This work is part of the support that the JRC provides to Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) and it is particularly relevant to the recently adopted NIS Directive. Finally, an update on the Incident and Threat Information Sharing EU Centre (ITIS-EUC) will be provided.


The EE-ISAC Expert Meeting is organized in collaboration with the Thematic Network on Critical Energy Infrastructure Protection (TNCEIP). TNCEIP is an initiative by DG ENER and supported by DG JRC. The aim of this network is to connect electricity, oil and gas operators and also transmission & distribution companies to

EE-ISAC and TNCEIP are welcoming European utilities to join this free-to-attend seminar on trusted cyber security information sharing within the European energy landscape. Click here for more information about the seminar.

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