European Energy - Information Sharing & Analysis Centre



EE-ISAC helps utilities to improve the cyber security and resilience of their grid by enabling trust-based data and information sharing. EE-ISAC is a joint initiative of 4 major European utility companies together with universities, governmental bodies and technology providers. Read more.


Collaboration Across Continents & In Quasi Real Time


ISAC stands for Information Sharing & Analysis Centre. ISACs are public- private partnerships in which participants exchange experiences and information about incidents and attacks within their own organization in order to protect the industry as a whole.

ISACs create a network of trust. Participants feel no legal or social hesitations to share sensitive but key information in order to learn from each other and create awareness networks. ​How does an ISAC create trust?

Our members benefit from:

  • Share real-time security data & analysis within small-scale trust-circles
  • Learn from and act upon security incidents and cyber breaches happening outside your organization
  • Compare security solutions both from a technical and operational viewpoint
  • Set up lasting relationships of trust with partners across the entire value chain
  • Benefit from an open dialogue with your peers