European Energy Information Sharing & Analysis Centre

The EE-ISAC is an industry-driven, information sharing network of trust. Private utilities, solution providers and (semi) public institutions such as academia, governmental and non-profit organizations share valuable information on cyber security & cyber resilience.
EE-ISAC aims to improve the resilience and security of the European energy infrastructure, by sharing trust-based information and enabling a joint effort for the analysis of threats, vulnerabilities, incidents, solutions and opportunities. EE-ISAC offers a community of communities to facilitate this proactive information sharing and analysis, allowing its members to take their own effective measures.


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And it's a wrap! Thank you to all who joined for #EEISAC's last Plenary of 2020! One key agreement among speakers was the importance of #collaboration and #infosharing in trusted communities. We look forward to the next one - hopefully in person!

Join the @EE_ISAC 15th Open Plenary Meeting | November 25 | to discuss about EE-ISAC main findings on #threatintelligence and #incidentresponse analysis, #networkcode on #CyberSecurity and review of #NISDirective

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Register now to the 15th Open Plenary Meeting | November 25 | to learn more about @EE_ISAC activities, upcoming projects and the work of our Task Forces on #threatintelligence and #incidentresponse analysis.

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