Access to VMOSO Platform
Access to MISP Platform
Sharing and discussing physically and digitally
Leading a Technical Task Force and disseminating contents
Members initiatives with TLP Principles
Events and exhibitors’ discounts
Speaking opportunities at high-profile events
Invitations to exclusive meetings and
events with key stakeholders
Members’ profiles on website
Media & advertising opportunities
Interviews & articles with the leading publishing agencies
Members-only communication


Download, fill in and sign (by the authorized representative) as part of the Terms of Reference v1.5:
a. Annex A – Confidentiality and Disclosure Agreement
b. Annex B – Membership Application Form
c. Annex C – Representative Application Form
Send a scan of the signed documents
via email (to and
the executed hard copy of each annex to:
EE-ISAC Asbl (c/o Ianus Sprl)
Avenue Marnix 30, bte 14
1000 Brussels
Once received, the membership application will
be submitted to the EE-ISAC Board of Directors
for approval.
Once approved by the EE-ISAC Board, the application will be sent to EE-ISAC Members, where they will have 4 weeks to object.
If no comments are raised, the membership
fee invoice will be issued and sent for
processing and payment.
You are now a member of EE-ISAC!