Accomplishing a mature cyber security culture: how to empower employees as your First Line of Defense?

Like any other grid operator, EDP Distribuição has the responsibility to protect its critical energy infrastructure. What can we learn from their strong focus cultural change?

EDP strongly believes that it can only be successful if it fosters and elevates both cyber security and data protection from a merely technical challenge to an overall organization objective, achieved through a deep cultural change and a general understanding of what is at stake.


Top-down commitment & common values

To accomplish such a mature cyber security culture, EDP aims to ensure a top down commitment and establish common values and behaviors by continuously improving security awareness and training.

Therefore, EDP has established a Cyber Security cultural shifting program assuring that its employees are the first line of defense against cyber threats. The program encompasses different training and/or awareness initiatives considering the specificities of the various target audiences.


Presentation at EE-ISAC Expert Meeting (7 September, Athens)

Aurélio Blanquet (Director of Automation and Telecommunications) & Nuno Medeiros (Head of OT Cyber Security) will be sharing their vision and explain how EDP:

  • is empowering its employees as the First Line of Defense
  • using their Training and Awareness Program on Cyber Security of Critical Information Infrastructure (CII)
  • enhancing its cyber resilience with the Cyber Range Platform

On behalf of all EE-ISAC Members, EDP Distribuição is welcoming European utilities to join this free-to-attend seminar on trusted cyber security information sharing within the European energy landscape. Click here for more information about the seminar, including the session in collaboration with TNCEIP and the afternoon session with a country focus on Greece.

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