Strengthening cyber-resilience across critical infrastructures: EE-ISAC and EUROCONTROL sign new Cooperation Agreement

October 26, 2020

New Cooperation Agreement will enable EUROCONTROL and EE-ISAC to strengthen the cyber-resilience of two interlinked sectors that contain critical infrastructures. Both institutions will now share cyber-threat intelligence and actionable cyber information, enabling them to prioritise effective mitigation and detection means to counter cyber threats.

Brussels, Belgium
 – Today EUROCONTROL, pan-European organisation dedicated to supporting European aviation, and EE-ISAC concluded a Cooperation Agreement to share cyber-threat intelligence, actionable cyber information such as knowledge about attackers’ modus operandi, and to prioritise effective mitigation and detection means to counter cyber threats.

This new cross-sectoral cooperation recognises the commonalities of energy and aviation as interlinked sectors that contain critical infrastructures facing similar challenges in the area of cyber-attacks, and shared vulnerabilities through infrastructure systems.

This new Cooperation Agreement pioneers EE-ISAC’s collaboration efforts in joining forces with other sectors for increased cyber resilience across Europe. Further activities include participation to pan-European ISAC meetings and projects in all critical infrastructures.

EUROCONTROL, in particular, provides cyber services of common interest for the benefit of the aviation community, working with aviation stakeholders to coordinate pan-European responses to air traffic management (ATM) cybersecurity alerts and incidents. These include carrying out security assessments; collecting, generating and distributing cyber intelligence; and helping stakeholders develop proactive and reactive capabilities against cyber threats and attacks.

Patrick Mana, EUROCONTROL EATM-CERT Manager: “Aviation and energy have key commonalities that this cooperation with EE-ISAC recognises. In today’s interconnected world, tackling common cyber threats and attacks and enhancing mutual cyber-resilience is a must, especially given the fragility of the aviation sector due to the pandemic.”

Massimo Rocca, EE-ISAC Board Member: “It is through the encounter with complex but surprising similar realities, that info-sharing communities such as EE-ISAC and EUROCONTROL can grow by learning that those who attack our infrastructures do not know the barriers between the sectors but, on the contrary, sometimes exploit these barriers to reach their purposes. With this understanding, cross-sectoral collaboration fosters increased resilience for both industries during trying times.

EE-ISAC (European Energy Information Sharing & Analysis Centre) is an industry-driven, information sharing network of trust. Private utilities, solution providers and (semi)public institutions such as academia, governmental and non-profit organizations share valuable information on cyber security and cyber resilience in the European Energy industry.

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