Announcement: European and Japanese energy communities formalize partnership on cybersecurity

On the 16th of May 2017, the European Energy – Information Sharing & Analysis Centre (EE-ISAC) and the Japan Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (JE-ISAC) will formally establish their partnership in conducting activities to ensure cyber security.

Mister Aurélio Blanquet, Chair of the EE-ISAC, and mister Katsuyuki Abe, Secretary General of JE-ISAC, will sign the Partnership Memorandum of Understanding between the two organizations. The signing ceremony will be the starting point of a close relationship between EE-ISAC and JE-ISAC in order to mantain a stable supply of energy.

The partnership will include information exchange on regulations and guidelines, good practices in cyber security provision and other cyber security related matters, and organizing networking events for building trust. Both parties respect each other’s independent activities and pay close attention to their members’ sensitive information related to cyber security.

ISACs: industry-driven, information sharing network of trust

These activities will be in line with the shared vision of both organizations that the increased connectivity of the smart grid to the internet brings very real and new risks to the energy industry. Cyber security is no longer just a question of protecting corporate IT systems; cyber threats are now directed at (inter)national critical infrastructures, resulting in an urgent need for a collaborative approach at this level.

ISACs are industry-driven, information sharing network of trust in which both private utilities and solution providers and (semi)public institutions such as academia, governmental and non-profit organizations share valuable information on cyber security & cyber resilience.

ONE Conference & Open House Member Meeting

The signing ceremony will take place during the ONE Conference organized by the National Cyber Security Centre of the Ministry of Security and Justice of the Netherlands. NCSC-NL is a member of the EE-ISAC.

EE-ISAC will also organize an Open House Member Meeting on the 18th of May in The Hague. Regular EE-ISAC Member Meetings include trusted information sharing and are only open to members, but the afternoon programme on the18th of May will be open to utility guests by invitation.

More information about EE-ISAC can be found on

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