EPRI European Workshop Week 2020

21-23 April 2020, Krakow

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Member of EE-ISAC, will organize the 2020 EPRI European Workshop Week  which will bring together TSOs, DSOs and European electricity stakeholders in focused workshops covering transmission and distribution operations and planning, information communications technology, cyber security, blockchain applications, energy storage, customer integration, DER, energy efficiency and renewable generation. The workshops will offer insight into the dynamic research EPRI is doing in these areas, support application of the R&D results, and will also highlight how some European utilities are preparing for and adapting to the evolution of the electric power industry. Guest speakers from across Europe will be sharing their utility and regional perspectives on challenges, potential improvements, and their vision for the future as they collaborate with EPRI on solutions.

During the Cybersecurity Workshop, on Day 2 – 22 April, key topics relating to Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems in Operation Technology, Cybersecurity Forensics for Industrial Control Systems, Automation in Threat Management will be explored. Ralph King, Board Member of EE-ISAC, will be a speaker and discuss about Security Operation Center (SOC) and Industrial Control Systems SOC, how these provide valuable functions for power utilities – prevention, monitoring and detection, response and recovery and situation awareness. Ivan Dragnev, Member of EE-ISAC, will introduce the topic of Incident Management in the Industrial Control Systems. In this session best practices and practical examples for incident management in the Operational Technology (OT).

If you wish to learn more on cybersecurity technologies and policies, an Intro Webinar will be held on 27 February. To register to the Webinar please email Ivan Dragnev at Idragnev@epri.com.

Please find here the agenda of the conference. For more information and registration details please click here.

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