Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector – European Commission

October 11, 2018 – EE-ISAC was invited by the European Commission (DG ENER), Austrian Federal Chancellery and the German Economic Institute to partake to the workshop of the High-level conference on “Cybersecurity in the Energy Sector” held at the European Commission in Brussels.

The conference, with a focus on rendering the European energy grid smarter to increase the share and use of intermittent renewable energies, dealt with the emergence of digital solutions to optimize the electrical, gas and oil systems and the cyberattacks risks that come along with digitalization. Insights into costs and benefits of addressing risks of cybersecurity in the sector were provided during the conference

Specifically, EE-ISAC was invited to join the workshop on “Best practice from a sector: European Energy – Information Sharing & Analysis Centre – EE-ISAC” to disseminate best practices for enhancing organizational resilience and preparedness in the security of the European energy infrastructure. This allows us to illustrate EE-ISAC’s key strengths in engaging a variety of sector Stakeholders, in accessing a broad network of organizations, and in building a proactive and trust-based sharing community.

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