EPRI P183 Cyber Security European Security Metrics 2020

Join EPRI P183 Cyber Security European Security Metrics

27 October 2020 | Webcast

Cyber Security Metrics is a research project that EPRI is leading in collaboration with multiple utility companies to directly address this challenge. In 2017, EPRI identified 120 data points that can be used to calculate 60 metric scores that quantitatively reflect an organization’s security posture. After a successful pilot, EPRI is currently working with 3 utilities to integrate EPRI’s security metrics fully into their risk/security management processes. In this online webcast, EPRI’s research team will provide an update on the progress, and discuss the efforts to engage European utilities in this collaboration.

Among the speakers, Ivan Dragnev, Member of the EE-ISAC, will be presenting EPRI’s research project on cybersecurity metrics.

To register please click here, and download agenda here.

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