5th Cyber & SCADA Security for Power and Utilities | Amsterdam

“From the moment, we wake up in the morning to the sound of our alarm clocks until we turn off the lights at night, our daily activities are supported by a reliable operation of critical infrastructures. Critical Infrastructure systems (CIs) facilitate our communication, transportation, trade and financial transactions and last but not least, most of our comfort and entertainment. On a higher level our daily lives depend heavily on CI networks (such as energy, telecom, transportation, etc) as the lifelines of our economies and in effect our safety, health and prosperity.”

Cyber security attacks have rapidly increased in the power and utilities industry recently. It cause very harmful and tangible damage to businesses, not only in terms of financial losses, cyber espionage, but also in terms of damage to reputation.

5th Cyber & SCADA Security Forum for Power and Utilities Industry 2018 will gather senior decision-makers & experts from leading Power & Utility companies to exchange knowledge, challenges and experiences in an exclusive business – friendly environment. It is a great opportunity to brainstorm on how to improve cyber security resilience, strengthen cyber defences but remain compliant and maintain IT & information security cost-efficiency.

Participants will gain valuable insight from their industry peers and stay up-to-date with latest cyber security practices, policies and rules to protect energy infrastructure from cyber threats during face-to-face and networking sessions.

This Prospero event will address not only the main topics about SCADA and Cyber Security implementations featuring high-level experts in Cyber Security but also new trends, latest attack, ICS, IoT, NIS Directive, unknown side of cyber-attacks, Security aspects in 2017 on SCADA, TSO and EV (electric vehicles) cyber security and other emerging cyber security aspects within the power and utilities companies.

Contact: David Schkade davids@prosperoevents.com

Website: 5th Cyber & SCADA Security for Power and Utilities Industry, 26 – 28 September 2018, Amsterdam

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