Is cryptography the answer to security threats?

ee-isac, cyber security, stakeholder, cryptography

This paper on Circuit Challenges from Cryptography by the researchers of KU Leuven (EE-ISAC Stakeholder) demonstrates with actual data how conflicting challenges around implementing cryptography can be addressed.

Implementing cryptography and security into integrated circuits such as an energy grid is somehow similar to applications in other fields. One needs to worry about comparable optimization goals: area, power, energy, throughput and/or latency.
Moore’s law helps to attain these goals. However, it also gives the attackers more computational power to break cryptographic algorithms. On top of this, quantum computers may soon become reality, so that novel, very computationally demanding “post-quantum” cryptographic algorithms need implementation. Finally, there is a third dimension to the problem: implementations have to be resistant against physical attacks and countermeasures increase the cost. 
 The paper was keynote at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference of IEEE earlier this year.